Medicaid Cancer Foundation (MCF) has been complementing government’s efforts in tackling the menace of cancer in Nigeria since 2010. We have engaged in various enlightenment programmes, free cancer screening services and supporting treatment of cancer patients. In 2017, we had our inaugural cancer summit with the theme: “Accurate Data Collection as a Tool for Stimulating Cancer Control in Nigeria.”  The summit identified cancer data collection as a major challenge and proposed capacity building for cancer registrars with the aim of establishing at least one population-based cancer registry per state as an immediate actionable solution. Subsequent coordination of the activities of these registries will be the next step towards a national cancer registry in Nigeria.

Consequently, MCF developed a 10-year strategic plan 2017-2027, aimed at improving the quality of cancer data in Nigeria. In this second year of our commitment to improving the quality of cancer data in Nigeria, we are collaborating with the Nigerian National System of Cancer Registries (NSCR) of the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) and the Global surveillance of cancer survival – the CONCORD programme led by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) to incorporate a capacity building workshop for old and new cancer registrars. The CONCORD programme is endorsed by 40 national and international agencies including WHO EURO and the World Bank. This collaboration is in line with MCF’s commitment to improve planning of cancer care in Nigeria using high quality data.

 Theme: Surveillance of Cancer Survival in Low Resource Settings: what needs to change


There is a need for effective strategies to stem the growing burden of cancer particularly in developing countries. With Nigeria being the most populous African country, it is imperative that concerted efforts be made to support accurate data collection to improve cancer control in Nigeria in order to achieve the world target of 25% reduction in death from cancer and other non-communicable diseases by 2025.

Although the NSCR has taken the lead in establishing cancer registries in Nigeria and monitoring the incidence of cancer through its publication “Cancer in Nigeria (2009-2013),” the numbers registered and data quality need improvement. Furthermore, collaboration with the CONCORD programme will lead to improved capacity for the generation of much needed information on cancer survival.

 The summit/workshop is a strategic planning and training meeting involving stakeholders and cancer care teams. The workshop will include didactic and hands-on training in the cancer registration systems and improvement of data collection.

The workshop will build on three key elements:

  • The reports from last year’s MCF summit on “Accurate Data Collection as a Tool for Stimulating Cancer Control in Nigeria.” (
  • The NSCR’s report on “Cancer in Nigeria (2009-2013)”
  • The CONCORD-3 updates on world-wide surveillance of cancer survival (2014)

Summit/workshop aim and objectives


The aim of the summit and workshop is to develop a strategic framework for improving cancer data collection for planning towards providing high quality cancer care.


  1. To stimulate stakeholders and policymakers for policy formulation in improving cancer survivorship.
  2. To develop a framework for surveillance of trends in cancer survival in order to stimulate and monitor high quality cancer care.
  3. To train participants for improved cancer registration.
  4. To train participants on patient navigation


The Summit and workshop are relevant to:

  • Hospital personnel – Pathologists, Health Information management officers, Hospitals with existing cancer registries, Hospitals wanting to set up cancer registries, Doctors, Radiologists, Oncologists
  • Cancer care team managers
  • Epidemiologists
  • Statisticians
  • Government agencies (e.g. Ministry of Health) and policymakers
  • University Teaching Hospitals
  • Health Information and Management Officers etc.
  • Funding partners in cancer care
  • Cancer care products manufacturers/distributors
  • Corporate sponsors

Expected Number of Participants

Based on projection from last year’s summit and the importance highlighted therein, 200 delegates are expected to participate in this year’s summit. Beyond the absolute number, we are exploring the strategy to ensure that all the 36 states of the federation including FCT.  Additionally, at least 4 delegates from the West African Division of the International Academy of Pathology (WADIAP) will be attending this summit.

Event details

Date: Monday 10th to Wednesday 13th December 2018 (4 full days)

Venue (Summit): National Air Force Conference Centre

Venue (Training workshop): National Air Force Conference Centre

The summit/workshop is non-residential

Summit convener and host: Medicaid Cancer Foundation, Abuja, Nigeria

Key contact persons:

Dr. Zainab Bagudu             LOC Summit Chair:

Dr. Lawal Ishiak                 Lead coordinator:

Dr. Abubakar Dakingari       Coordinator:

Dr. Aminu Aliyu                  Technical coordinator:

Dr. Suraiya Mansur             Logistics:

Hadiza Amanabo                Sponsorship:

Khadija Abubakar               Secretary email:

Resource persons

Workshop coordinators

  1. Khadija Abubakar MCF; Secretary
  2. Lisa Montel. CONCORD; Programme Manager

Guest speakers and faculty

  1. Professor Michel Coleman, MD. The CONCORD Programme; Professor of Epidemiology and Vital Statistics, LSHTM
  2. Claudia Allemani, PhD. The CONCORD Programme; Associate Professor of Cancer Epidemiology, LSHTM
  3. Professor Femi Ogunbiyi, MD. The CONCORD Programme; Professor of Pathology, UCH Ibadan

The workshop outline

Language English

  1. Didactics/ Information giving – to direct subsequent stages in the workshop
  2. Group work and activities
  3. Presentations of group work
  4. Workshop evaluation – successes, difficulties and recommendations
  5. Strategies for follow-up
  6. Interactive



Specific topics for discussion are based on the objectives of the workshop. In summary, sessions include:

  1. Scaling up cancer care and control services in Nigeria
  2. Capacity training workshop for cancer registrars
    1. Quality of cancer data and role of stakeholders in data collection
    2. Cancer care and identification of factors that improve cancer survivorship
    3. Improving cancer registration and
    4. Enhancing patient navigation

Leading to development of a process for a framework for surveillance of trends in cancer survival in Nigeria

  1. Lectures by guest speakers
    1. Global trend in cancer survival
    2. Epidemiology of Cancer in Nigeria

Expected outputs

At the end of the workshop, participants are expected to have achieved/commenced the following, with clarity on who takes responsibility for the various aspects:

  1. Cancer data collection
  2. Setting up cancer registry in each state
  3. Recommendations for improving cancer survivorship in Nigeria

Other expected benefits

  1. Networking – for development of a working relationship and mutual support
  2. Exchange of experience and ideas
  3. Stimulation for participants to implement cancer care programmes in a collaborative and concerted manner across the country.
  4. Obtain 10 CPD points.


  1. There will be an agreed and clearly defined process for follow up on participants to support their implementation of workshop recommendations
  2. A comprehensive report and compendium of workshop materials will be made available to provide a reference/guidance tool after the workshop to facilitate further work

Workshop funding

Registration for day 1 (Summit only) – N15,000
Registration for days 1-4 (Summit and workshop/lecture)- N20,000

Please not that registration does not cover accommodation and transport. Participants are responsible for their respective transport and accommodation arrangements.

For further details, contact:
Name: Khadija Abubakar
Designation: Summit SecretaryEmail address:


Mobile phone number: +234809 111 9825